Saturday, June 12, 2010

Welcome to My Blog (A sentence I never thought I'd utter)

Welcome to my blog. Well I can honestly say I never thought I'd become a 'blogger', never really got them. (But then again I never thought I'd go to a Nickleback concert either, since I loath everything that is Chad Kroger, but there I was a couple weeks ago listening to his drunken goings-on about boobs, drinking, and general douchness (yes that is a word) :) In my defense, my friend wanted to go and her husband didn't and the opening bands totally rocked!

Aaaaaanway, I've since discovered that blogs are a wonderful source of information, entertainment and just oddly obscure facts that you would have never learned otherwise. People express themselves in ways they wouldn't normally in real life. They provide windows to souls, hopes, dreams, crushed dreams, new beginnings and journeys of every sort.

So here is my journey:
The beginnings of my little company Li'l Rokker Baby Gear. I expect many trial and tribulations but hopefully there is some success along the way. I hope to learn some valuable lessons in starting and running a small business that I can pass on to others to make their own experiences easier than my own :)

I decided to start creating parent and baby accessories that have a very small market, I know there are not a tonne of people who are looking for skulls on their diaper bags, or barbed wire change pads, but I am one of those people, and I love creating items that you wouldn't find in most stores :) I don't expect to make much money, I don't need to be a huge name; I truly enjoy what I do, I love hunting down unique fabrics and the best part of all is making someones day when they find that bag or accesory that truly expresses their personality.

The name was inspired by my son, a true Li'l Rokker. He has been obsessed with music since he was a toddler. And we're not talking Barney here. He has very 'sophisticated' tastes (by sophisticated I mean any sweet Rock or punk music) :) He wears his little drummer rock wristband all the time, every dress up day at school he's a rock star, he's aaaaaalways telling me about different modes on Rock band , guitar hero, he has every guitar/band game known to man downloaded on my iPhone, and he's in drum lessons. His first little 'concert/recital is next week; he's drumming to Smoke On The Water, pretty cool for a 6 year old. :)
And he's informed me that I'm going to be on tour with him when he's a rock star to 'take care of him' (awww)

I'm excited to continue creating. I have some plack patent leather just waiting to be made into some sweet bibs, and lots and lots of fabrics ordered to make stand out diaper bags. :) I even got my first custom order the other day!

Well there it is, my first blog post. Just a little bit about my little business :)
More posts to come on all my new accessories, failures, sales, and anything interesting and irrelevant I feel like sharing :)

Till next time!


  1. Here's to happy blogging! I never thought I would be a blogger either!

    Brought a tear to my eye that your son wants you to go on tour with him.
    I hope he becomes famous someday and can take care of Mommy.

  2. Hi! I found your blog because you left a comment on mine, about your duaghter's upcoming birthday. Congrats on just starting! I have become a follower :)

    Your son sounds awesome! As does your business. I look forward to seeing more. And I hope your daughter has a great birthday... See you around the the blogosphere, lol.